In the past few weeks our school had the opportunity to take part in an AIESEC project. AIESEC is an international organization entirely managed by students. Since 1948, it helps promote a network of students from all around the world. Like every year, it was an amazing experience for all our students, from primary school to middle school to high school.

This year, we had the chance to meet two girls, Dasha from Ukraine and Gina from China, who taught us about their own countries, traditions and typical food. For 5 weeks they were with us in class, showing every aspect of their countries: we watched Ukrainian dances and discovered about vyshyvankas, the traditional embroidered Ukrainian shirts, we celebrated the Chinese New Year and even learned about pandas!

This is what a high school student wrote about this experience:

Meeting these girls and listening to them talking about their own country has been a great experience. The fact that they come to Italy to learn something new and to visit a foreign country helps us to be curious and talk with them. We learned a lot and it was funnier that an everyday lesson. When it was Chinese New Year, the student from China told us about their traditions, so different from us, but very interesting! It was very easy to try to express ourselves asking questions and answering them. We should be proud to be included in such a project as a country, because first of all it unites people of all nationalities, and then makes us think about how much each of us has to share with others. It’s not like posting on social media. It’s about meeting different people face to face and talking to them.

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